Monday, 20 December 2010

Why porn is a good thing

If you dont want to read about porn then dont read about porn. If you do, I have some thoughts. I want to explain why I watch and read porn, why I like porn, why I think it's a good thing, not just because it gives people physical pleasure, but as an art form. Why I think a lot of critiques of porn that go under the name of feminism are mad. Why I think attempts to restrict porn are doomed to failure, fundamentally dangerous and not a good way to address the many dangers of immoral forms of sex. And finally how all of this fits into the reality of immoral forms of sexual act. If you dont want to know, dont read, thankyou.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fisking Bob Ainsworth et al.

Fun BBC article.

"An ex-minister who had responsibility for drugs policy has called for all drugs to be legally available.

Bob Ainsworth, a Home Office minister under Tony Blair, said successive governments' approaches had failed, leaving criminal gangs in control."

Ex-minister joins what everyone has been saying for decades. Well done though. Nice to see being a minister and having a good idea aren't totally incompatible.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ayes 323, Noes 302

Ok. First thing I'm going to say in big friendly letters:


Second thing I'm going to say is there are number of things that should be done, that could be done and that shouldn't be done. Please be careful about which is which.

Ok, so here's why the vote isn't as bad as you think, shouldn't put you off going wherever the hell you want, why the police are dicks and how I would have voted if I were an MP.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Open Primaries

Open primaries are a really great idea. The problem with party politics is that most people end up voting for the semi-conscious hulk of flesh wearing the right coloured rosette rather than an actual competent human being. The idea of an open primary is to have an election within the party so that the electorate can choose the best candidate for the party.