Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just a quick thing

Question on any questions this week about new proposals to get rid of a parent's opt out for sex education after the age of 15. As the law stands parents can get their child out of sex ed lessons up to 19 and the child can get themselves out after that, if indeed any such lessons are provided at that age. I've had a think and I'm going to write this and then post in a few hours later to make sure i'm not ameking a rash assesment here so here goes:

Any group or person, be it the child, be it the school, the parent, the government etc who seek to deny sex ed lessons to children:

  • Is putting that child at risk of STIs, early pregnancy etc
  • Is putting that child at risk of being abused emotionally and physically by people who know more than them
  • Is leading to that child being less able to form a healthy emotional understanding of sex, especially sex as a factor of a meaningful long-term relationship
  • Is likely to lead to that child having many difficulties with understanding their sexuality in later life
  • Is thus indirectly harming that child in many many ways
  • Is not acting in the best interest of that child
  • Should seriously consider their role caring for children.
So should parents have a right to pull their kid out of sex ed? Fuck off, no you cant. Just like you cant pull them out of Maths or English, you're stunting their development and storing up all kinds of shit for later on.

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