Thursday, 21 October 2010

It gets better

People hate people. People love people. The happiness in the world is made by the balance of one over the other. Recently there has been a lot of hate directed at a small group of people. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids are bullied and hated and despised in schools and workplaces and law courts and armies and shops and offices and parks all over the world. This is always terrible, sometimes disastrously so.

So to anyone out there who is being bullied. It gets better. School is hell, but it ends. I know how bad school can feel, I know the frustration, I know the fear, I know the pain. But I know that it ends. Please, watch this from someone who can say it far better than I.

And to anyone out there who's on the other side, be careful. Maybe you dont feel like you're wrong. Maybe it's just having fun. Maybe you've never hurt or upset anyone. But maybe you're causing hurt you dont realise. Remember, there is no moral principle, on the earth or beyond it, which is higher than the command to love others and make them happy. Whatever your principles, no matter what authority, nothing is beyond that. Ask yourself, are you being loving, are you making everyone feel happy, making everyone feel happy with who and what they are? Are you setting up a climate where other people will do that too? Or are you helping to justify those who hate? Because there's no army, no school, no institution legal or spiritual that is worth sacrificing love and happiness for. Nothing is more important.

It gets better because people make it better. If you're not part of that change, then what are you doing?

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